Shipping info


Delivery costs depend on the quantity, weight and price of the ordered products. In addition, delivery services also have different prices and the price also depends on additional services (e.g. ransom, special delivery…). The price is calculated or is always visible at the end of the purchase. For individual countries, the final price is calculated at the end of the purchase according to the location.

The delivery time of the package depends on the chosen delivery service, the day and time of the order.

Most packages reach the client within 3-5 working days at the latest.

  • Find the product you want to buy in the online store and add it to the cart. A window will open, offering you two options – to continue shopping or to complete the purchase.
  • Select the appropriate option.
    When you have finished your selection, check if all the ordered products are in the basket, then click on the “Proceed to checkout” button.
  • At the checkout, select the desired form of delivery and payment method.
  • Read your order information carefully and confirm your choice.
  • When we receive your order, our colleagues carefully process it, pack it and send it to the delivery service. You will also be informed about the progress of the order by e-mail.
  • Within 3-5 working days at the latest, your package will be delivered to the place where you ordered it.

Certain delivery service providers allow you to change the delivery of your package even when it is already on its way to you. In an SMS or email, you receive a link to their online application, where you can specify a different address or delivery method for your package (for example, to a Paketomat or to a selected service station, delivery on another date, re-delivery, etc.).

In other words, the method and time of delivery are now completely in your hands, which is why we no longer take into account special wishes in the notes, since we no longer have any influence on them, but the package is “managed” by the buyer or the client himself.

You can also, in the event that you were not at home at the time of delivery, reorder the delivery of the package at your local post office, as you will receive a notification about the delivery of the package, the tracking number of the package and the expected delivery date via SMS.

You will receive the invoice to your e-mail address, and it will also be attached to the package that you will receive at home

Redeem the discount code or coupon by clicking on “Click here to enter the code” at the top of your information at the checkout, and a field will open in which you can enter your discount code (code example: DISCOUNT123)

Pay attention, because discount codes and other discounts do not add up – there is only one discount field, so choose the one that suits you best. For example, you cannot add a discount code for promotions where you receive a free product. Likewise, the discount code will not work in certain cases if you already have a product in your basket with a bigger discount than the code or discount coupon.


You can choose from the following payment methods:

Card payment via online payment systems;
Cash on delivery.
Payment by advance invoice (direct bank transaction);

You can change your order before it is processed. You can do this by sending a message to [email protected] as soon as possible or by replying to the email you received when ordering.

Some providers have the option of tracking and informing about the shipment.

If such an option is available, the provider will notify you via e-mail or SMS about the current status of the shipment.

If only the outside of the package is damaged, there is no need to do anything, as the products in the packages are additionally protected just for such cases.

If the product itself in the package is damaged, you have the option of returning or exchanging the product. The procedure determines where and how the injury occurred. More information about this can be found in the general conditions.