Shower Foot Scrubber for Massaging and Cleansing

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Remove dead skin and heal cracked heels with the Shower Foot Scrubber. Cleaning the feet with more than 100 bristles ensures deep cleaning of the feet and improves circulation.

  • For cleaning and care of feet
  • To stimulate and massage your feet every time you shower
  • More than 100 bristles above and below and a built-in heel scraper gently clean and exfoliate your feet
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • The brushes provide a stimulating massage and promote circulation
  • Designed for use in the bath or shower. Suction cups on the sole provides additional safety and prevent slipping.
  • Great for feet of all ages, perfect for family use

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Daily foot massage increases and improves blood circulation in the feet and legs. Shower Foot Scrubber not only exfoliates and cleans away dry skin and calluses, but it also reduces the chance of foot odor and other problems associated with poorly cared-for feet.

The suction cups on the sole stick securely to the floor of the shower or bathtub, providing stability and preventing slipping, no matter how intense the massage you want. The shape is designed for easy cleaning of the entire foot – top and bottom. The heel scrubber smooths out rough, cracked, and rough heels.

Simply place your foot in the “shoe” or brush and move it back and forth.

The foot size is suitable for practically all ages. The shoe foot brush has hundreds of soft bristles that clean and massages your feet without having to bend, so it’s also suitable for older people. It cleans even the most difficult-to-reach areas, and the massage stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles of the feet.

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Also suitable for pregnant women and people who have difficulty reaching their feet and athletes. A fantastic solution for pregnant women and people with limited lower limb movement, back pain, balance and circulation issues.

  • It simply cleans your feet from top to bottom
  • No more bending or stretching to clean your feet
  • Made from over a thousand soft cleaning bristles
  • It massages, exfoliates and removes dirt
  • Float to smooth rough, cracked heels
  • Fits all feet regardless of shape or size
  • The suction cup stick sticks to almost any surface
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great for feet of all ages, perfect for family use

How to Use

Advice: If the floor is not smooth or there is a lot of soap foam under the shoe, the suction power of the suction cups may be weakened. This is an inevitable problem for all types of suction cups. We recommend that you first attach the brush well to the surface and only then apply the soap to your feet.


Box contains: 1 x Shower Foot Scrubber Shoe

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Shower Foot Scrubber
Shower Foot Scrubber for Massaging and Cleansing

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